Your Vote for Robert Litoff is a Vote for Justice

Bexar County Probate Court Judge Kelly Cross, Chris Heinrichs, Jefferson Bank in San Antonio TX
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The probate courts are supposed to be the protectors of the elderly when they are in reality of the worst exploiters and abusers of the elderly. The vermin who inhabit the probate courts loot the estates of people who come under the control of the probate courts. And, because I was inconveniently for them still alive, they tried to have me locked up for the rest of my life.


Sometimes people do wrong because they have been misled by a bad ideology, but, the vermin lawyers and their crony judges who inhabit the probate courts are pure evil. They just want to steal because of their greed like pirates and do anything they can to get money without any regard about what they are doing to others. And, the media are accomplices because they do not report what is going on in the probate courts. We have elected judges, but the probate judges whom we have now would not be elected if the voters knew the truth about them.


My website describes the nightmare I went through. I sent this website to Bruce Davidson, the court reporter of the San Antonio Express-News, and Paul Venema, the court reporter of KSAT, Chanel 12, and another one to KENS, Chanel 5 which was not addressed to any specific person. Apparently they were not interested in my story. So, that makes them accomplices in my opinion.


– Thank you. Sincerely yours, Robert Litoff

above: Robert Litoff and daughter Dorothy

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I wrote this website and I am now running for office because I want people to know what happened to me when I fell into the grasp of the probate court system.